Thursday, July 11, 2013

The least helpful, and possibly the most harmful advice column in the universe.(slightly verified)

1: Indiscipline leads to guilt.

2: Guilt is a great motivator to get stuff done. 

3: Being productive covers guilt with a nice bandaid.

4: Guilt can fester under a bandaid. Then you have MRSA guilt.

5: Buddhists are cool.

6: Too much time with a Buddhist illuminates what a petty, ambitious, selfish, asshole you really are.

7: Eating like a Texan gives you Toxoplasmosis.

8: Toxoplasmosis is the result brain parasite that turns you into an ignorant Republican. (Scientifically confirmed, sort of.)

To be continued.

Found this guy in Mexico. He carves this stuff mostly by hand. He had a very centered, grounded disposition full of kindness and wisdom....I wanted to drink beer with him and exchange dirty jokes. Alas, we had a schedule to keep.

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